More Purchases That Cashiers Judge You for Buying

Over the past month, cashiers have been talking about the purchases that they secretly JUDGED people for buying.

A while back, we heard about some of them, including people who run out of money and put the HEALTHY items back . . . people who blow money on lottery tickets and expensive bottled water . . . and bizarre combinations, like red wine, Summer’s Eve douche, a can of bug spray, and two potatoes.

Here are a few more highlights that cashiers have mentioned since then:

1.  A worker at a boba place is grossed out when people combine too many flavors, like rainbow fruit jelly on a hot chai latte.

2.  A worker at a sandwich place was “upset” by a person who didn’t get enough flavors . . . a customer would come in every day and order a bunch of roast beef on rye bread.  Nothing else.

3.  Did you know there are still malls?  And some of them still have a Spencer’s inside?  It’s true.  And a worker from one of those stores says they judge people for buying witchcraft SPELL BOOKS.  I guess the “spells” get pretty nasty.

4.  An overnight worker at a convenience store said someone would come in every night to get “a red hot beef burrito and a 16-ounce jug of half-and-half.”

5.  Someone said they judged people for taking their babies out with them in terrible snowstorms to get non-essential items.

6.  Someone who works at a pet store said the employees keep tabs on customers who buy cheap little tanks for their betta fish . . . and then “question them” if they return to buy another betta fish.  (Let’s assume they’d also advise the customer on how to care for the fish the first time around.)

7.  A grocery worker says EVERYONE buys bananas.  They say, “It’s a pack of ground beef, and bananas.  Paper plates and bananas.  Didn’t matter what they bought, bananas came along.” (???)