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Monday Is Our Least Favorite Day of the Week, and It’s Not Even Close

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Someone asked over 4,000 Americans to name their LEAST favorite day of the week.  And yeah . . . it’s Monday in a landslide.

Around one in three people said they DON’T have a “least favorite” day.  But here are the results for the people who did vote . . .

1.  Monday.  59% of people who have a least favorite day said it’s Monday.

2.  Tuesday, 13%.

3.  Sunday, 9%.

4.  Wednesday, 6%.

5.  Friday, 5%.

6.  Saturday, 5%.

7.  Thursday, only 3% of the vote.

The same survey also flipped the question around and asked people to name their FAVORITE day of the week.  Saturday is #1, followed by Friday and Sunday.  Just under 6% said Monday is their favorite day.


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