Men Are Better Off on Dating Apps . . . When They Mention “Long Walks on the Beach”?

There’s a new study out on dating apps that claims men are making a HUGE mistake on their profiles:  They’re talking about SPORTS too much.  (Men . . . talking about sports . . . you don’t say!)

There’s nothing wrong with listing hobbies like playing or watching sports, or sharing sports-related anecdotes on dates if that’s what you’re interested in.

But if you’re trying to stand-out to a potential partner, you should include a DIVERSE set of hobbies and interests, including ones that might appeal more to another person, or that you’d like to do WITH that other person.

According to the data, the top five interests for men on Tinder are:  Football or soccer . . . sports . . . lifting weights . . . bars . . . and comedy.

Meanwhile, the top five interests for women are:  Travel . . . music . . . movies . . . coffee . . . and walking.  And only 4% of women mentioned football, compared to 23% of men.

The results may seem a little sexist . . . but they’re apparently based on actual profiles . . . so it’s a “fact” that male singles are more obsessed with sports and female singles are more intrigued by the arts and long walks on the beach.

The area where there’s the most overlap is:  “Fitness” and “workouts.”

(Daily Star)

(I know online dating can be exhausting, and you end up just speeding through all the inputs with the stuff you know and are most comfortable talking about.)

(But this is just another reminder that more varied your interests are, the more chances you have to connect with someone.  Even if that’s including hobbies you want to try, or things that you’d like to learn more about.)