Memorial Day Plans? Here Are the Top Things We’re Doing, Buying, and Drinking

Got any plans for Memorial Day?  A poll found most of us do . . . 75% of Americans plan to celebrate in one way or another.  Here are the top things we’re planning to do, buy, and DRINK this weekend . . .

1.  Backyard barbecues are the top activity we’ve got planned.  59% of people celebrating Memorial Day say they’ll grill this weekend.

43% will also be going to a party, or hosting one.  That’s up 9% from last year.  We’re also planning to watch more fireworks this year.

2.  The top things on our shopping list this weekend are food, booze, non-alcoholic drinks, and party supplies.

3.  Beer is still the top choice for drinkers by far.  70% will buy beer . . . 43% will buy wine . . . 30% will buy hard seltzers . . . and 30% will buy hard liquor.

4.  Here are a few more things we’ve been buying in the lead-up to Memorial Day.  In the past month, sales of sunscreen are up 109% . . . pool floats and pool noodles, 81% . . . and new grills, 54%.


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