Live Insects, Fresh Flowers, and More Amazon Items You Can’t Return

Amazon makes it easy to return stuff, but not everything on there is returnable.  Here are few things Amazon won’t always take back . . .

1.  Live insects.  (???)  People buy things like crickets to feed to their pet lizards.  But if they’re not the quality of cricket you were hoping for, too bad.  Amazon doesn’t want them back.  Pet food in general isn’t returnable either.

2.  Hazardous materials.  That includes things with flammable liquids or gases, including lighters and some nail polishes.

3.  Fresh flowers.  You might be able to get a refund if they showed up wilted.  But you can’t return them, because they’ll definitely be dead by then.

4.  Prescription meds.  Don’t stock up on a six-month supply unless you know you’ll be on the same meds that long.  Once you buy them, they’re yours.

5.  Digital downloads.  They give you a week to return things downloaded by mistake.  But if you start reading a Kindle book and just decide you don’t like it, they won’t take it back.

(AARP / Amazon)