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Listening to Music Is America’s #1 “Simple Pleasure”

Not every day can be a GREAT day.  But what’s something small that keeps you from entering BAD DAY territory?

A new survey looked at the top “simple pleasures” Americans love.  And #1 is something WE can help you out with . . . listening to MUSIC.  Here are the top ten:

1.  Listening to music.  59% said it’s one of their top simple pleasures in life.

2.  Watching a good TV show or movie.

3.  Eating a favorite food.

4.  Laughing at jokes.

5.  Getting a good night’s sleep.

6.  Making someone smile.

7.  Receiving some good news.

8.  Holding hands with a loved one.

9.  Getting some fresh air.

10.  The smell and sound of rain.


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