Leap Day Deals

If you don’t know how to celebrate Leap Day, other than bemoaning that you’re another 0.25 days older (???) . . . some places are offering special deals to get you to stop by.  Here are a few:

1.  Chipotle is offering free guacamole because . . . well, why not.  It’s not TOTALLY free.  Like a lot of these deals you need to be a member of their loyalty program, you need to order through the app, and you also need to order an entrée.  (Basically, you aren’t going in and walking out with free guac.)

2.  Taco Bell is offering Rewards Members a Crunchwrap for $2.29 in the app.  (Get it?  2/29 is the date:  February 29th.)

3.  7-Eleven is offering customers any combination of five wings for that same price:  $2.29.  Hooters is giving loyalty members select appetizers for $2.29 . . . and Krispy Kreme has a promotion where you can get an Original Glazed Dozen for $2.29 with the purchase of any regularly priced dozen.

4.  Krispy Kreme is showing some love to “Leap Babies,” who were born on February 29th.  If that’s you, you can get a FREE Original Glazed Dozen.

5.  Wendy’s is offering customers a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart today.

6.  Some places are also offering 29% OFF select items for February 29th, including Marco’s Pizza, Noodles & Company, Papa Murphy’s, and Smoothie King.

7.  Staples is offering Rewards members a free passport photo.  (???)

(You can find more deals, here . . . here . . . and here.  And this is also supposedly a good day to book hotel stays.)

(Also it may seem like a hassle to download ANOTHER app and join ANOTHER loyalty program, but some of them offer additional perks just for signing up.)