Labor Day Tip: You Should Be Eating Burgers Upside Down

You might think people just do this to be different.  But there’s apparently some logic behind it . . .

If you’re having burgers this Labor Day weekend, try eating yours UPSIDE DOWN.  Here are the three main benefits . . .

1.  The “crown” or top bun is thicker and sturdier.  So it’s less likely to droop and let stuff fall out.  It’s especially true with greasy burgers, because the bottom bun can already be a little soggy by the time you go to eat it.

2.  It exposes your taste buds to more flavors.  Flipping it over means the burger’s on top, and everything else is underneath it.  So you’ll taste the condiments and toppings more.  There’s a subtle, but noticeable difference.

3.  It’s easier to pick a burger up when you eat it upside down.  Put it on your plate like normal.  It should only be upside down when it’s in your hands.

If you’re eating it right side up, you have to slide your thumbs under it.  But from an ergonomics standpoint, it’s actually easier to slide your fingers under there . . . with your thumbs on top . . . and then flip it 180 degrees.