Kids These Days Think “Selling Out” Is a Good Thing?

If you ask kids today if they’re “sell outs” . . . if they’ve compromised their integrity or principles for money or power . . . they might say, “Yeah, totally!”  (???)

A new poll asked over 10,000 Americans if they have ever felt like they were “selling out,” and 20% of people said YES . . . 59% said NO . . . and 20% said they “weren’t sure.”

The interesting thing is:  Younger people are more likely to say that they think they HAVE sold out.

66% of people 65 and older insist they never sold out, but that drops to 49% among 18- to 29-year-olds.  On the flipside, 23% of young adults admit that they HAVE sold out, compared to just 17% of older folks.

Another question asked if you consider “selling out” to be a GOOD thing . . . a BAD thing . . . or NEITHER.  And not surprisingly, there was a HUGE difference between generations.

Only 3% of people 65 and older believe that it’s a GOOD thing . . . but that number LEAPS to 29% among 18- to 29-year-olds.

(Is this surprising . . . or is it just proof of INFLUENCER CULTURE?)

(Think about it . . . the FIRST perception of “success” for some young people is having a big mainstream following on social media . . . big enough to get paid to hawk products for THE MAN.)