Keep or Scrap? Common Social Etiquette Rules That People Are Over

Everyone probably has ONE common social etiquette rule that they would be fine with IGNORING . . . because, let’s face it, a lot of these rules are a little ridiculous if you think about it.

People online are talking about the etiquette rules that they don’t agree with . . . and here are some examples:

1.  Not taking the last piece of food on a sharing platter.  If no one takes it, it usually ends up being wasted for no reason.

2.  Not telling someone that they have a piece of food in their teeth or on their face.  Or that their zipper is down, or there’s something on their clothing.  Basically, being “polite” by not pointing it out, when it has the potential to become embarrassing, particularly if it’s something that could be quickly fixed.

3.  Not wanting to be rude by calling someone out for being rude.  Or not wanting to be a jerk by confronting someone for being a jerk.

4.  Refusing something you want to be polite.  Which leads to a back-and-forth game, where someone then offers it multiple times until it gets to the point where it’s more socially acceptable for them to take it.

This can be more of a cultural / regional thing.  One person joked, “Move to The Netherlands . . . we offer it once, then the cookies disappear in the cabinet, never to be seen again.”

5.  Asking “How are you?” . . . and expecting a standard lie in response.

6.  Sending “thank you” notes to people who attended a loved one’s funeral, or sent flowers or donations.

Some people haven’t come across this custom, but those who have say this is a time when a gesture shouldn’t require acknowledgment . . . especially when they are grieving.

7.  People expecting an immediate text or call back . . . as if they are entitled to your time.  (We all probably feel this at times.  It’s just that SOME OF US will conveniently forget about it when we’re waiting for a response.)