Just in Time for Changing the Clocks: Here’s Why You’re Afraid of the Dark

We change the clocks this weekend, which means it’s going to get darker even earlier now.  With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some facts about being afraid of the dark . . .

1.  It’s a common fear.  According to a study from June, at least 8% of American adults are afraid of the dark.  And it’s even more common among children.

2.  We’re predisposed to developing a fear of the dark.  We’re more likely to be afraid of things that would have been dangerous to our prehistoric ancestors . . . things like heights, spiders, snakes, and the dark.

3.  It may stem from a fear of the unknown.  Things that make us feel uneasy are commonly things that are outside of our control.  And when it comes to the dark, we don’t know what’s there, so it’s scary.

4.  It could also be a result of life events.  Some people may be afraid of the dark due to a negative experience they had at night.  Something like a robbery or attack that they now associate with nighttime and the dark.

(Huff Post)