Job Listing: $127,000 a Year to Take Care of a Billionaire’s Dogs

If you treat your own dogs like royalty, this job’s for you . . .

An American billionaire based in the U.K. is looking for a new “dog nanny.”  And it comes with a SIX-FIGURE SALARY.

It pays $127,000 a year.  (!!!)  But you’d have to move to the U.K., and be cool with traveling the world on their dime every now and then.  (I’m listening.)

Hundreds of people have already applied.  You can read the whole job listing and apply online too if you want.  It’s on a fancy staffing site called Fairfax & Kensington.

Here are the details . . .

1.  The family has two “beloved dogs” that require “top-tier care” and must be treated like “valued members of the family.”

2.  They’re looking for a live-in dog nanny.  So you’d be staying in their mansion, or some sort of guest house situation rent-free.  (Still listening.)

3.  You’ll need to coordinate all vet appointments, keep detailed records of their health and medical history, and develop a, quote, “personalized exercise regimen” for each dog.  (Maybe a light jog, and mix in some Pilates.)

4.  You’ll need to accompany them on domestic and international trips, and arrange things like pet-friendly accommodations.

5.  You’ll be organizing “playdates” with other dogs and finding, quote, “enriching activities to stimulate their senses.”

6.  And you’ll also handle all the normal stuff that comes with having a dog.  Like feeding and bathing them.

The ideal candidate has lots of experience with dogs, preferably other RICH PEOPLE’S dogs.

You also have to be willing to work irregular hours, like weekends and holidays.  And you need a driver’s license so you can shuttle them around.

(NY Post)