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It’s the First Day of Fall! Where Does It Rank Among Our Favorite Seasons?

Credit: Kristen Prahl via iStock by Getty Images

Are you excited that we’re now entering fall, or are you sad that we’re leaving summer?  According to a new poll, summer has a bigger fanbase.

33% of people said summer is their favorite season, followed by 22% who chose spring.  Fall wasn’t too far behind with 19%.  Only 7% of people said they like winter best, while 18% said that they don’t know or don’t have a favorite season.

There were big differences among age groups.  Gen Z preferred winter 23% to spring’s 9%, while those 65 and older were the opposite, loving spring 32% over winter’s 2%.

Favorite Fall Activities

This past week, Google Trends posted the most searched fall activities in every state . . . and for most of the country, it’s going to a pumpkin patch.  That was #1 in 39 states, including everywhere west of the East Coast.

Apple picking was #1 in 10 states:  Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  And corn mazes were #1 in Vermont.  (That’s only three fall activities.  What’s YOUR favorite thing to do in autumn?)

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