It’s the Anniversary of the Moon Landing! Do You Think We’ll Be Living There Soon?

It’s the anniversary of the first Moon landing.  Neil Armstrong said his famous “one giant leap for mankind” line 53 years ago today on July 20th, 1969.  So here’s a fun question:  Do you think we’ll be LIVING there soon?

Someone polled 1,000 Americans and asked if they think we’ll be living on the Moon or Mars PERMANENTLY within the next 50 years.  Over a third said YES.

27% said it’ll probably happen by then, and another 10% said it’s VERY likely.  Around one in five said no way.  Here are a few more quick stats from the poll:

1.  70% of us have a favorable view of NASA.  Only 14% said unfavorable, and 16% said they didn’t know enough about NASA to answer.

2.  Since 1969, 47% of us think the space program has accomplished as much or more than most people expected.

3.  Our favorite thing they’ve given us is GPS.  76% say it was money well spent.  We launched the first GPS satellite way back in 1978.

4.  70% also think the new $10 billion James Webb telescope was a good investment.  The same number think Hubble was too.