It’s Tax Day! A Poll Found One in Seven Americans Wait Until the Last Minute

Today’s the last day to get your taxes done unless you file for an extension.  And if you just said, “Oh, better get those done tonight,” you’re not alone.  Around one in seven Americans say they wait until the last minute.  Here are a few more stats for Tax Day . . .

1.  54% of us do our taxes as early as possible.  15% wait until the last minute.

2.  Men THINK they know more about taxes, but women ACTUALLY know more.  Guys were much more likely to say they understand the tax code.  But 1,000 people took a test . . . and 49% of women got an “A”, compared to just 35% of men.

3.  44% of people thought you could claim a PET as a dependent.

4.  Around 7 in 10 Americans usually take the standard deduction . . . 21% itemize . . . and the other 10% didn’t know what a deduction was.

5.  Our biggest tax FEARS are:  Finding out we owe money . . . making a mistake . . . not maximizing our refund . . . and getting audited.

6.  If we do get a refund, the top things we’ll do with it this year are:  Pay off debt . . . put it in savings . . . use it for living expenses . . . invest it . . . and one in 10 people said they’d use it to treat themselves.

7.  One in 14 Americans actually ENJOY doing their taxes.

(Credello / National Today)