It’s So Hot That . . .

If you’ve been living under an air-conditioned rock for the past week, you might not know it’s been pretty HOT across the U.S.

Things have eased up in the Northeast a bit.  But the South, Southwest, and Midwest are still dealing with upper 90s and triple digits today.

So we figured it was time for another edition of, “It’s So Hot.”  How hot is it?

1.  It’s so hot that Google searches for “heat dome” hit an all-time high.  A heat dome is when a high-pressure system parks itself in one spot and traps warm air, so cooler air can’t get in.  Some experts say “heat bubble” would be more accurate, but “dome” gets the point across.

2.  It’s so hot that “Huff Post” decided to kick off the annual discussion on how to prevent swamp crotch.  The top tips from experts include choosing more breathable fabrics, and investing in a powder like Gold Bond.

3.  It was so hot in western Pennsylvania, firefighters were asking people to donate water.  Drinking water . . . not the stuff they spray from their hoses.

4.  It was so hot in Baltimore on Sunday, Mayor Brandon Scott jumped in the Inner Harbor to cool off.  150 people joined him for a planned event to show that for the first time in decades, the water is clean enough to swim in.  But it did recently get an “F” rating from a clean water advocacy group.

5.  It’s been so hot, mailbox lasagna is trending again.  A Tennessee weatherman’s video from 2022 is making the rounds.  Use fully cooked meat . . . put everything in a dish . . . toss it in your mailbox . . . and wait up to eight hours.

6.  And finally:  It’s so hot, the “it’s so hot” jokes are out in full force . . .

It’s so hot . . . I saw a chicken lay an omelet.

It’s so hot . . . I saw a bird pull a worm out of the ground with an oven mitt.

It’s so hot . . . I saw a bird pull a worm out of RFK Jr.’s brain with an oven mitt.

(Careful!)  It’s so hot . . . hobos are holding signs that read, “Will work for shade.”

It’s so hot . . . granny broke wind just to have a little breeze.  (Find more here.)