It’s Presidents’ Day, and America Is Sharing Their Dream Presidential Candidate

It’s Presidents’ Day . . . and since it’s also an election year, it’s hard NOT to think of the apparent upcoming rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon conducted a poll asking Americans what qualities they want in a president . . . OTHER THAN “not the other guy.”  And the results are telling.

86% of Americans want a president who is “honest, exhibits ethical leadership, and sets a standard for other politicians to follow.”

84% want a president who promotes national unity, and tries to address divisions in today’s society.

82% want a president who respects the Constitution and governmental laws.

79% want a president who’s against extreme partisanship . . . someone who’s “committed to compromise and ‘working across the aisle’ to achieve the best outcomes for the nation.”

Another 79% want a president who “emphasizes the importance of balancing federal and state powers to address national issues effectively.”

And 77% want a president who doesn’t have an agenda in foreign policy . . . and who advocates for a “cautious and independent approach to international relations and alliances.”

(That may be ideal, but an “independent” approach is tricky.  As a world leader, America will probably always have agendas for global stability, defense, and trade . . . and it’s hard to get everyone to agree on what’s best for the country, or even what’s “right.”)

Generally speaking, younger generations are MORE skeptical of democracy and the role of wealth in politics, compared to older generations.  And, they are LESS concerned about partisanship and Constitutional respect.

That may seem like a bit of a downer, but it’s the older generations who have fostered that view.

Barack Obama may have felt “young” for a president at the time, but he’s technically a Boomer.  (Which actually IS young considering the Silent Generation candidates we have now.)

We have yet to have a president who WASN’T alive for the Beatles’ arrival and Beatlemania . . . more than 60 YEARS AGO.  So it’s not surprising that younger generations may feel uninspired by the office of the president.


(Browse all the results of the poll, here.  The section about presidential candidates is on Page 23.)

Another Presidents’ Day poll looked at the differences between attitudes from 1979 to now.  In 1979, 43% of people would object to a U.S. president who told ethnic or racial jokes in private.  Now, 60% would have a problem with that.

And in 1979, 70% of people would not vote for a candidate if they smoked marijuana occasionally.  Now, only 40% of people would object to that.


• Thomas Jefferson
• Abraham Lincoln
• Theodore Roosevelt
• George Washington


• Joe Biden
• Donald Trump
• Barack Obama
• George W. Bush
• Jimmy Carter
• Bill Clinton


• John Tyler had 15 kids


• Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, which lasted 77 years and 135 days.


• James A. Garfield
• Herbert Hoover
• Harry S. Truman
• Gerald Ford
• Ronald Reagan
• George H.W. Bush
• Bill Clinton
• Barack Obama


• James Garfield
• Ulysses S. Grant
• Benjamin Harrison
• Rutherford B Hayes
• Abraham Lincoln


• Theodore Roosevelt – 1906
• Woodrow Wilson – 1919
• Barack Obama – 2009


• James A. Garfield
• Warren Harding
• William Henry Harrison
• John F. Kennedy
• Abraham Lincoln
• William McKinley
• Franklin D. Roosevelt
• Zachary Taylor