It’s National Tooth Fairy Day . . . But 19% of Us Won’t Let the Fairy In?

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day . . . and 4-out-of-5 dentists approve.  Actually, that’s 4-out-of-5 of us in general.

In a poll, 81% of Americans (4-out-of-5) say the Tooth Fairy is welcome in their home.  It’s unclear if the other 19% actively bar the Tooth Fairy from entry . . . or if they just ignore the Tooth Fairy’s presence.  (???)

Also, 36% of parents say the Tooth Fairy helps promote good oral health habits for children, and 27% of kids head to bed early if they’re expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

A few months ago, Delta Dental’s annual poll found that the national average payout is now $6.23 per tooth.  That’s up a whopping 87 cents from last year . . . up $2.20 from three years ago . . . and up $4.93 from 25 years ago.

That’s WELL OVER the rate of inflation, so SOMEONE’S feeling generous.

(Delta Dental)