It’s National Grab Some Nuts Day . . . as in almonds, cashews, and pecans.  Jeez, get your head out of the gutter.

Here are a few quick stats about nuts that are totally appropriate and not suggestive in any way . . .

1.  America has more nuts than anyone else.  40% of the world’s nuts are grown in the U.S., and we lead all other countries in nut production.  Especially almonds.

2.  Women eat more nuts than men.  Around 38% of Americans will eat nuts today.  That includes all the nut butter we consume.  Women over 60 crave nuts the most.

3.  There’s a world record for crushing nuts by sitting on them.  A guy in Japan crushed 122 nuts in under a minute.

4.  The largest nuts in the world weigh over 50 pounds.  They’re called “coco de mer” nuts, and they’re only found on a few islands in the Indian Ocean.

5.  Grabbing a handful of nuts is good for you.  A study at Harvard found the more nuts you eat, the longer you live.  Almonds have the most fiber, and macadamia nuts have a lot of healthy fat.