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It’s National Dog Day! What’s Something Your Dog Has Trained You to Do?

Credit: Prystai via iStock by Getty Images

It’s National Dog Day.  So here’s a question:  Is there anything your dog has trained YOU to do?  Here are the best answers we’ve seen . . .

1.  “My dog loves walking to check the mail.  So now we do it every day, even if I know there’s no mail.”

2.  “I used to eat a banana every morning.  Ever since I got a dog, I only eat two-thirds of a banana.  It’s our unspoken agreement.”

3.  A guy said that when Mötley Crüe’s “Girls Girls Girls” comes on the radio, he always sings “squirrels, squirrels, squirrels” because his dog likes it.

4.  “Whenever I get ice, my dog always begs for a cube.  So now I toss him one without thinking.”

5.  “I always yell ‘floor food’ whenever I’m cooking and drop something.”

6.  A woman’s dog always bugs her when it’s time for HER to have dinner, because it knows it gets to eat right after that.


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