It’s Giving Tuesday! Here Are 10 Stats on How and Why We Donate

Today is Giving Tuesday.  And apparently those fundraisers people do on Facebook really do work.  A new survey found requests from friends and family are the #1 thing that gets us to donate to a cause.

39% of us have donated because someone we knew asked us to.  And 19% said they’ve specifically donated to a social media fundraiser.  Here are a few more random stats for Giving Tuesday . . .

1.  95% of us have donated time or money to a charity at some point in our lives.

2.  88% of parents actively encourage their kids to be generous and donate.

3.  Being on the receiving end of a good deed makes you 20% more likely to DO a good deed and pay it forward.

4.  23% of us donate less than $100 to charity each year.  28% donate between $100 and $500 . . . 10% donate between $500 and $1,000 . . . and 13% give more than that.  Also, 83% of people wish they could give more than they currently do.

5.  In any given year, about 30% of annual giving happens in the month of December.  And 70% of us feel guilty if we don’t donate at least something during the holidays.

6.  Charities that help kids are our favorite groups to donate to.  Followed by groups that help women . . . the environment . . . and animals.

7.  Once we find a cause we like, we tend to stick with it.  90% of people who donated for Giving Tuesday last year plan to give to the same cause again this year.

8.  34% of people admit peer pressure plays a role in giving, and they’re more likely to donate to a cause if they’re asked in front of other people.

9.  Just over 10% of us have LIED about donating when we didn’t.  And 31% of those people admit they did it to impress someone.

10.  93% of people think of themselves as “generous.”  And 54% think they’re more generous than their friends are.

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