Is It Okay to Take Your Shoes Off on an Airplane? Plus Eight More Plane Etiquette Questions

A survey on airplane etiquette asked people whether different things are acceptable or not.  For example, 62% of us say it’s NOT okay to take your shoes off on a plane.  Here are eight more questions, and how people answered . . .

1.  Is it okay to stand right next to the gate before your group gets called to board?  74% said no, it’s not cool.  You’re just in the way.

2.  Is it okay to say hi to the person next to you when you sit down?  89% said yes.  11% said no, just leave them alone.

3.  Asking a stranger to switch seats, so you can sit with someone?  81% said it’s fine.

4.  Is it okay to recline your seat?  40% said no, it’s unacceptable.

5.  Bringing outside food like McDonald’s on the plane?  34% said don’t do it because of the smell.

6.  Waking someone up if they fall asleep on your shoulder.  15% said they’d just let the person sleep.  (Wow, people are THAT non-confrontational?)

7.  Standing in the aisle as soon as the plane lands?  85% said it’s not okay.

8.  Clapping when the plane touches down?  84% said don’t do it.