How Your Phone Camera Can Save Your Vacation

WHEN YOU ACCEPT A RENTAL CAR — Take pictures of your new car from every angle before you drive it off the lot. In addition to the prior paper damage report you sign when you check out the vehicle, those images can serve as proof of its condition should your rental company try to pull a fast one and charge you for damage that wasn’t there, or to claim you came back with a dent that was worse than what you left with. Make sure you get the license plate in there.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CREDIT CARDS — Don’t you think it’s pretty stupid that if your cards are lost or stolen, the phone number you need to report the theft is printed on the back of the card that’s gone? Take photos of each of your credit cards, front and back, so that if they’re stolen, you’ll have the numbers you need.

WHEN YOU’RE NAVIGATING A CONFUSING PLACE — Many large city parks — London’s Hampstead Heath, New York’s Central Park — post maps on boards at their entrances. Take a picture of it as you enter and you can pull it up on the screen as you navigate the sprawl. Handy maps are everywhere.

WHEN YOU PARK IN A HUGE PARKING LOT — You could try to keep track, or you could just take a photo of the parking level sign that reads “Red”.

TO RECORD YOUR PASSPORT DETAILS — Take a shot of the informational page. It won’t get you across a border, but it will make it easier to replace your passport if it’s lost or stolen.