How Much Money Would It Take to Get You to Give Up Facebook, YouTube, or Google?
Credit: diego_cervo via Thinkstock

Most of the websites and apps we use all day, every day, are either free or cheap. I mean, we’re paying an INSANE cost in the amount of data they’re collecting on us and happily selling to Russia . . . but yeah, mostly free.

So a new study asked just how much money it’d take for us to give up these websites. Here are some results . . .

1. We’d need $17,530 per year to give up all search engines, especially Google. That means it’s worth about $48-per-day to us.

2. We’d need $8,414 to give up email, meaning it’s worth around $23-a-day.

3. We’d need $3,648 to give up our mapping apps, meaning they’re worth right around $10-a-day.

4. We’d need $1,173 to give up YouTube, Netflix, and all other video streaming services, meaning they’re worth about $3.20-a-day.

5. We’d need $576 to give up Facebook, meaning it’s worth $1.58-a-day to us.

6. And finally, we’d need $168 to give up streaming music, meaning it’s worth 46 cents-a-day.