It’s amazing how YOU can go through life, perfectly content with your name . . . then something in pop culture happens and just DESTROYS your name forever.

A guy named Jesse McLaren posted a question on Twitter last week asking people, quote, “What piece of pop culture has ruined your first name?”

And he’s gotten tons of responses from people, including . . .

1.  Alexa, thanks to Amazon.

2.  A guy named Jake who everyone called “Jake from State Farm.”

3.  A guy whose name is Andrew Dick.

4.  A guy named Zach married to a guy named Cody.

5.  A guy named Mike Spense.

6.  A guy named Luke who always hears, “I am your father.”

7.  Felicia.

8.  And Monica Lewinsky asking him, quote, “Wait.  Can I even play?”