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Homegrown Recap: November 15, 2021

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  • Country Calendar Spotlight: Can you believe that it was waaaaaay back in 2005 that Carrie Underwood won American Idol? It was on this day of that year that her debut album Some Hearts was released and karaoke fans everywhere are still belting out her enormous hit single.

  • The holidays are here! We have a full week this week and a short week next week for Thanksgiving! Nom nom nom nom. With all the food shortages this year, Nikki was surprised to receive a FREE TURKEY at the grocery store with a $100 purchase. There’s a radio station in Texas that has already gone full holiday music 40+ days before Christmas. Are you ready?
  • Jump Start Trivia: Congratulations to Cheryl who won a dozen donuts from Sure To Rise Bakery after guessing the trivia question correct.
    • Q: This restaurant chain’s opening date was today in 1969. It was named after the owner’s 4th child, Melinda Lou. Which restaurant is it?
    • A: Wendy’s
  • It’s that time of year…no, not Christmas – the time when your favorite musicians start announcing their Spring and Summer Tour Dates. So far, Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton and Kenny Chesney have all announced dates in our area. Check out the Plumb Perfect Concert Calendar for all updates and ticket details.
  • Interact w/Homegrown: According to’s new map, Washingtonians favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is….wait for it….ROASTED VEGETABLES?!?!?! What kind of crud is that?! We tend to disagree. We want to take our own survey and right the Thanksgiving side dish boat. What is your favorite side dish for Turkey day?
  • We also talked about our “stuffing” do’s and don’t’s. Nikki refused to eat stuffing that is cooked inside of the Turkey ever since she got food poisoning from it one year. There was a resounding agreement that fruit and/or nuts should not come anywhere near your stuffing side dish.
  • Brent brightened Nikki’s morning today just by saying “Good morning, Sunshine!” 53% of people claim that a simple ‘Good Morning’ or holding the door for someone are easy ways to do something to brightens somebody’s day. Go ahead – try it!
  • Brent is a sell out! He has preached that there is a clear timeline for holiday decorating. However, the wife gave the orders this past weekend to get the decorations out, and he complied. Let the festivities begin. As far as Nikki’s household, her boyfriend has historically NEVER decorated for Christmas. But she brought up the idea of putting up Christmas lights, and didn’t get a ‘No’. We’re taking that as a positive sign!
  • Things did not look good for the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. It was a very painful shutout – the first in a very long time. Nikki asked whether or not a below par Wilson is still better than a second-stringer. Brent thought it was – even with the L added to the tally. Brent’s Seahawks and Nikki’s Giants are both looking pretty bad this season. Might be time to wave the white flag.

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