On Saturday, KEANU REEVES was on a commercial flight from San Francisco to L.A., when it was diverted due to a, quote, “mechanical indication.”

Fortunately, the plane landed safely at a remote airport in Bakersfield, California . . . but unfortunately, the passengers were still more than 100 miles away from their destination.

A lot of celebrities might duck away and make their own travel plans, but NOT Keanu.  He immediately started working with the airline to organize a van ride to Burbank for anyone who was interested.

Then, once the road-trip started, Keanu entertained the other passengers by . . . using his phone to read facts about Bakersfield and play country music.  He also said goodbye to passengers as they were dropped off.

He eventually got off at a Carl’s Jr.

(Here’s a montage of some videos one guy made . . . and here’s some more footage.)