Here Are the Best 4/20 Food Deals, Plus the Top Cities for Stoners

Happy 4/20 to all you stoners out there!  Even if you don’t partake, there are a few food deals going on you might want to know about.  Here’s a quick 4/20 round-up . . .

1.  A study found the best cities for stoners are Portland, Oregon, Denver, Buffalo, Seattle, and Baltimore.  They based it on things like dispensaries per capita, price, and the fact that weed is fully legal in all those states.

The worst cities for stoners are Birmingham, Alabama . . . Memphis, Tennessee . . . and Louisville, Kentucky.  All states where it’s NOT fully legal.

2.  Another study ranked the best cities to get stoned in.  But their top five are different:  San Francisco, L.A., Denver, Santa Ana, California, and Las Vegas.  (It’s not clear why the lists are different . . . someone was probably stoned.)

3.  If you’ve ever wondered how the “420” thing got started“USA Today” looked into it.  The top theory is in the 1970s, some high schoolers in California used to meet at 4:20 P.M. after school to smoke up.  So “4:20” was their code word for it.

4.  A police department in Pennsylvania is offering a free bag of Doritos to anyone who brings their pot in to have it “tested” today.  Recreational use is still ILLEGAL in P.A. . . . so yes, it’s a trap.  If you turn in your dealer, you get a Family Size bag.

5.  Dogecoin fans are hoping to see a bump in price today.  4/20 is also “Doge Day”, so they’re hoping Elon Musk tweets something to make the price jump.  It actually dropped around 4/20 last year though.

6.  And finally, here are the top 4/20 food deals we’ve seen out there this year:  Jack in the Box brought back its Pineapple Express milkshake . . . Del Taco has eight tacos for $4.20 . . . Smashburger has four burgers for $20 . . .

Wingstop is selling “Hot Box” meals with fries covered in a spicy cheese dust . . . Jimmy John’s has a new “Munchie Crusher” sandwich . . . Blaze Pizza is letting people upgrade to their “high-rise” crust for free . . .

Insomnia Cookies is giving away one free cookie with every order . . . and Fatburger is selling Original Fatburgers for $4.20 if you order online.

Speaking of Fatburger, they also came up with a new cannabis-infused ketchup for 4/20, but you can’t get it at their restaurants.  They’re only selling it at a few weed dispensaries in L.A.  (Here’s a photo.)