Heinz’s Mayo-Ketchup Hybrid Was a Hit, So Here Come “Mayomust” and “Mayocue”

Heinz finally brought its mayo-ketchup hybrid, “Mayochup,” to the U.S. back in September.  Before that, it was only sold in the Middle East.

And apparently it’s been a hit over here, because two NEW mayonnaise hybrids are now on the way:  A mayo-mustard combo called “Mayomust” . . . and a mayo-barbecue sauce hybrid called “Mayocue.”

Mayomust is a light-yellow color, as you’d expect.  And Mayocue is light-orange.

Heinz hasn’t officially announced them yet, but they’ve already been spotted in a few stores.  So you might be able to find them the next time you get groceries.