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HBO Max Blamed a Goof on an Intern . . . and Everyone Is Sharing Their Intern Experiences

HBO Max accidentally sent out a blank email with the heading “integration test email #1” to a lot of their subscribers on Thursday night.  People joked that it must have been an INTERN . . . and apparently it WAS.

HBO admitted the mistake on Twitter, and said, quote, “We apologize for the inconvenience, and as the jokes pile in, yes, it was the intern.  No, really.  And we’re helping them through it.”  They capped it off with the heart emoji.

Maybe they’re joking about the intern or maybe not . . . but people started empathizing with the “intern” on social media by sharing their own work mistakes.  Here are a few of them:

Dear Intern:  Once, when I was a junior copywriter, I applied to my dream job at ‘The Atlantic’, and wrote ‘copyrighter’ on my résumé.  Like, I misspelled the job I wanted, which was a job for good spellers.  You’re doing great, okay?”

Dear Intern:  I was using my desktop calendar to make a monthly note of when I started my menstrual period, but after several months I realized I was making that note on a calendar I shared with all of my colleagues company wide.”

And the REAL MONICA LEWINSKY even joined in.  “Dear Intern:  It gets better.  P.S.:  Don’t wear a beret for a while, k?”

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(You can find more by scrolling down through the responses to HBO’s Tweet.)

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