Happy National Pizza Day! 0% of Americans Never Eat It

Happy National Pizza Day!  Should it really be this Sunday though?  We’re about to order a LOT of it.

Domino’s alone expects to sell around TWO MILLION pizzas for the Super Bowl this year.  That’s 30% more than a normal Sunday.  They say the most popular topping will be pepperoni again.

Wings are a popular Super Bowl option too.  Buffalo Wild Wings says they’ll sell around 11 million, making it their biggest wing day of the year.

Some of us don’t plan to order ANYTHING though.  A new poll found around one in four Super Bowl viewers will order food . . . 57% will just make stuff at home . . . and 14% don’t plan to eat at all during the game.

But back to pizza:  Here are a few more stats and facts for National Pizza Day . . .

1.  GrubHub says cheese pizza sees a bigger bump in sales than any other food during the Super Bowl, up 624%.  Boneless wings are next at 615%.

2.  We buy 17% more slices per order on Super Bowl Sunday compared to an average pizza purchase.

3.  A 2023 poll found our five favorite toppings are pepperoni, sausage, extra cheese, mushrooms, and chicken.  And pineapple is now the SIXTH most popular topping in America.

Our least favorite topping by far is anchovies.  Jalapeños are a distant second, and pineapple made that list too in third place.  Eggplant and broccoli round out the top five.

4.  73% of us eat pizza at least a few times a month.  Only 3% said once a year at most . . . and 0% said never.

5.  19% of us don’t eat the crust.  But thin-crust is our favorite type.

6.  20% of us prefer our pizza cut into squares or strips.

7.  11% usually eat their pizza with a fork and knife.  Another 15% said sometimes.

8.  Our favorite things to dip it in are marinara, Garlic butter, and ranch.  But 12% like hot sauce . . . 10% said barbecue sauce . . . another 10% dip it in KETCHUP . . . and 7% said pizza with mayonnaise is good.

9.  A new poll by the vegan cheese brand Daiya found 91% of Americans think it shouldn’t count as “pizza” unless there’s some kind of “cheese” on there.

10.  And finally:  “USA Today” did a big round-up of National Pizza Day deals.  Nothing too crazy this year.  But Fridays are always a big day for pizza, averaging 5.2 million orders.

(In case you missed it, a poll this week found pizza is the LUCKIEST Super Bowl food, and deviled eggs are the unluckiest.  So, if Niners and Chiefs fans both eat pizza and avoid those eggs, it should counterbalance.  Then whoever wins on Sunday is in God’s hands . . . or the Illuminati’s.)