Half of Us Will Ignore a Mess and Leave It for Someone Else to Clean

Have you ever seen a mess and pretended you DIDN’T, so someone else would clean it up?  (Lookin’ at you, HUSBANDS of the world.)

In a new spring-cleaning poll, 49% of adults admit that ignoring a mess and leaving it for someone else is something they do A LOT.  That’s how many said they do it “often” or “always.”

Here are a few more spring-cleaning stats . . .

1.  The top five spots we dread cleaning the most are:  Floors . . . rugs . . . inside the refrigerator . . . our windows . . . and the dishwasher.  Microwaves and closets just missed the top five.

2.  Most of us admit we cut corners when we clean.  53% said they “always” or “often” do.  Only 9% said never.

3.  The rooms we spend the most time cleaning are the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

4.  The time we’re most likely to do a deep clean ISN’T in spring.  It’s when we know guests are coming to visit.

5.  When we do a deep clean, it doesn’t last long.  The average person said their home starts to feel dirty again in about 12 days.