Grocery Stores Can’t Keep Prices Down, So Here Are Eight Ways to Save

Some people blame grocery stores for not doing enough to keep prices low . . . but the reality is that their hands are tied, because inflation and supply chain issues are making inventory more expensive on their end as well.

In a recent poll, shoppers guessed that their main grocery store has a net profit of 33%.  But that’s a LITTLE off.  The average net profit for a supermarket has been close to 1% historically, and as high as only 3% in 2020.

(So THAT’S why they only have one check-out line open!)

But there are some tips that YOU can do to keep your food costs down.  They include:  Shopping at discount grocery stores more often . . . buying fewer luxury or organic items . . .

Buying more items on sale . . . shifting to store brands on some products . . . buying in bulk . . . working off a list and avoiding “impulse” items . . . substituting similar, less expensive meats and vegetables . . . and comparing prices at multiple stores before buying.

(Supermarket News

(Regardless of supermarket prices, remember that it’s almost always cheaper to eat at home than out at a restaurant.)