Google Searches for Coffee Just Hit an All-Time High

Could Americans be any more obsessed with coffee?  The answer is YES, apparently.  Because we just hit an all-time high in searches for it.

Google says “coffee” searches in the U.S. hit a new high in December, and it’s the most-searched drink of all time worldwide.  Here are a few more coffee stats.

1.  “Bacon flavored coffee.”  It’s was the top trending “flavored coffee” search last week.  Yes, it’s something you can buy now.

2.  “Coffee flavored cereal” is the top “coffee flavored” thing we’ve been searching for.  Dunkin’ started selling some a few years ago, but it’s discontinued.  A brand called OffLimits sells a coffee-flavored cereal called Dash.

3.  “Latte art” searches hit an all-time high in January.  A ton of people have also been searching for a latte art tool called a “cinnamon pen.”

4.  “Iced coffee tastings” are something you can do now.  Ohio is obsessed.

5.  “Latte perfume” searches are up 2,500% over the past year.  New Jersey is searching for it the most.  (A brand called Giardini di Toscana sells three-ounce bottles for the low, low price of just $150.)

(Google Trends)