Good News: Wedding Rings, FUNerals, and Surprise Trips to Disney

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 27-year-old in San Diego named Jesús Morales is in the news for his heartwarming TikToks, where he hires workers standing outside Home Depot and takes them to Disneyland.  He gives them cash at the end, so they go home with money too.  (Here’s a recent video.  Warning: There’s an S-word.)

2.  A guy in Arizona passed away last month.  And instead of a funeral, his family threw him a FUNeral.  They say he was a fun-loving guy, so it just made sense.

They had a bounce house for kids and other fun stuff too.  He was a huge music fan, so they put his whole record collection out, and encouraged everyone to take an album home.  Around 500 friends and family showed up for it.

3.  A guy vacationing in Virginia Beach lost his wedding ring in the sand, and it was originally his late mom’s ring.  So a man with a metal detector combed the whole beach and found it on his final pass.