Good News: Spotless Giraffes, Baby Squirrels, and “Fill-In Dads”

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A baby giraffe with no spots was just born at a zoo in Tennessee, and could be the only spotless giraffe in the world.  She’s solid brown without the yellow patches other giraffes have.  (Here’s a photo.)

Experts say it’s a good thing she’s in captivity.  Their spots act as camouflage, so she’d have a pretty low chance of making it in the wild.

They’re letting people vote on what to name her, but aren’t taking suggestions.  The four choices are Kipekee, Firali, Shakiri, and Jamella.  (Giraffey McGiraffeFace isn’t an option.)

2.  An animal shelter in Scotland saved a baby squirrel found sleeping under a chicken.  (???)  They think it got separated from its mom . . . crawled under the hen to get warm . . . and say the chicken didn’t seem to mind.  They plan to release the squirrel back into the wild once it’s older.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  Back in 2018, a cop in Salt Lake City named David Romrell was tragically killed in the line of duty, leaving his four-month-old son Jackson without a dad.

But now Jackson is in the news after he started kindergarten on Monday, and a bunch of “fill-in Dads” walked him to school.  His mom held his hand, and over a dozen cops walked alongside them.  (Here’s a photo.)