Good News: Smart Dogs, Deserving Veterans, and Heroic Kids

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A nine-year-old in Wisconsin named Essence Collier did the Heimlich maneuver on a friend at school this month, and saved their life.  They were choking on a Cheeto.  She says she saw it in a YouTube video two years ago.

2.  Speaking of Wisconsin:  A small plane crash-landed on a golf course near Milwaukee on Tuesday, and everyone survived . . . including three people and 53 dogs on board.

They were being transferred to Wisconsin from a shelter in Louisiana.  None of the dogs or humans were seriously injured.

3.  In other dog news:  A firefighter in central Texas got locked out of his headquarters this month.  But luckily, he’d brought his fire safety training dog with him that day, and she opened the door for him.

She jumped up and hit the push-bar to open the latch, and a security camera got it on video.  (Here’s the footage.)

4.  A 24-year-old named Tommy Pasquale is currently walking across the United States to raise money for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.  He left New Jersey in September, and hopes to make it to the Pacific Ocean by April.

The best news is we’ve actually been making progress with that.  This month, the federal government announced the number of homeless vets is down 11% since 2020, and down more than 55% since 2010.