Good News: Sisters, Wedding Gowns, and 667 Tattoos

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A woman in Alabama found a $6,000 wedding dress at Goodwill for 25 BUCKS.  She and her boyfriend aren’t engaged yet, but she’s holding onto it.  She says it fits like a glove.  (Here’s a video.  The designer is Galia Lahav.)

2.  A dad in the U.K. just reclaimed the record for “most tattoos of the same name” . . . after getting his daughter’s name “Lucy” tattooed on his body 667 times.

He originally set it in 2017 with 267 “Lucy” tattoos.  But a 27-year-old American named Diedra Vigil broke the record after getting HER OWN name tattooed on herself 300 times.  So he got 400 more Lucys on his legs.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A three-year-old basset hound in Ireland named Chief is seeing much better after getting some plastic surgery.  The skin on his forehead was so droopy, it completely covered his eyes.  (Here are the before and after photos.)

4.  There’s a sweet video making the rounds of two sisters in their 90s saying goodbye, maybe for the last time.

One is 90, and lives in Nevada.  The other is 94, and lives in New Hampshire.  Because of the pandemic, they hadn’t seen each other in three years.  So the 94-year-old sister got her granddaughter to take her 2,700 miles to visit.

In the video, they actually REFUSE to say goodbye.  Instead, they say, “until we meet again” . . . either on Earth, or in Heaven.  (Here’s the video.)

5.  And in case you missed it:  There was a huge double rainbow in New York on Monday.  The photos and videos are all over social media, because it happened on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11.  (Here’s a video.)