Good News: Polar Bears, Chimps, and High School Sweethearts

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Animals at a zoo in Chicago got to celebrate the Fourth AND beat the heat with some frozen red-white-and-blue treats.  The polar bears got blocks of red-white-and-blue ice with frozen fruit in it.  The seals and sea lions got treats too.


2.  Speaking of animals:  Did you see the viral video last week of a chimp named Vanilla seeing the SKY for the first time?  She was born in captivity and spent 28 years in an animal testing lab before a group called Save the Chimps took her in.

Now there’s an update:  Save the Chimps said that in the first four days after the video blew up, they received around $50,000 in donations.  That’s compared to just $2,700 the week before.  (Here’s the video.)

3.  In other animal news:  The world’s largest crocodile just hit an estimated age of 120 years old.  His name is Cassius.  He lives at a wildlife park in Australia.  He’s now 18 feet long, and still growing.

4.  A doctor in Florida named Thomas McMeekin recently reconnected with his high school sweetheart 56 YEARS after they first started dating.  And I guess he didn’t want to go another day without her.

Her name is Nancy Gambell.  They just started talking again last month because their 60th reunion is coming up.  And they decided to give it another shot.

Now a video is going viral after Thomas showed up in a suit-and-tie to pick her up at the Tampa airport last Friday . . . and PROPOSED right there in the terminal.

It had only been 20 days since they reconnected, but she said yes.  They’re already planning the wedding.

(Here’s a photo, and here’s the full video.)