Good News: Pearls, PlayStations, and One Very Long Walk

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple in Rhode Island were at a seafood restaurant when they found a pearl in a clam, which is rare.  They’re much more common in oysters.  So they hung onto it for two years, and the guy just used it to PROPOSE this month.  She said yes, and they went back to the same seafood place to celebrate.

2.  How’s this for an adventure?  A former British paratrooper spent six years walking the entire coastline of the United Kingdom to raise money for a veterans’ charity.  He just finished after 19,000 miles.

When he left in 2017, he was a single dad, and his daughter had just left for college.  Now six years later, he showed back up with a dog he adopted along the way . . . a woman he got engaged to . . . and a new SON who recently turned one year old.  He also raised half-a-million bucks.

3.  A 16-year-old kid in Georgia named Keonte Evans was doing yardwork to help buy his siblings some new school clothes.  And if he made enough, he was hoping to buy himself a PlayStation 5 as well.  But then some idiot saw him working, and called the cops because they assumed he was trespassing.

Check this out though:  A cop named Eric Colleran responded to the call.  And he was so impressed by Keonte, he came back a few days later . . . with a PlayStation 5.  He and his friends pooled their money to buy it for him.  He said he wanted to show Keonte that if you work hard, good things come your way.