Good News: Pandas, Googly Eyes, and Updating Uno

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  America just replenished its panda supply.  The San Diego Zoo announced two giant pandas arrived safe and sound, on loan from China.  They’re the first new pandas to hit the U.S. in 21 years.

Zoo Atlanta is the only other zoo in America that has pandas right now, and those four are heading back to China at the end of the year.  So we were about to be panda-less.

2.  Boston added googly eyes to five metro trains, just for fun.  There’d been a public campaign calling for it to happen.  They say it’s one of many “creative ways” they’re trying to improve things for commuters.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  Mattel is updating Uno so people who are colorblind can play.  They’re adding tiny symbols to the top of each card that are associated with each color.  They’re doing similar things with other games too and say 80% will be accessible to colorblind people by the end of the year.  (Here’s a photo.)