Good News: Navy Heroes, Sleeping Bags, and Lawnmowers

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two recent Navy recruits saved their neighbor’s life when a fire tore through his home in Helena, Montana on Monday.  One is 20, and was visiting his mom on leave.  The other is about to turn 18 and head off to basic training next week.

They were both up at 4:00 A.M. because they were having a competition to see who could stay up the latest.

They smelled smoke . . . called 911 . . . emptied three fire extinguishers just to get the flames around his door knocked down . . . and pulled him out before firefighters got there.

We don’t know their names, because they don’t want any attention for it.  The fire chief called their actions “nothing short of heroic.”

2.  A group at Baylor University in Texas broke a weird world record this month by lining up 1,203 sleeping bags in a row.  They’ll all be handed out to homeless veterans this winter.

3.  A 97-year-old woman in Massachusetts named Marie Erickson doesn’t drive anymore, but misses it.  So for her birthday, she scrimped and saved to buy herself the one thing she’s always wanted . . . a John Deere riding mower.

Her advice to people is this:  No matter your age, “you’re never too old to take out your toys.”