Good News: Mattel Unveiled the First Barbie with Down Syndrome

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Mattel just unveiled the first Barbie doll with Down syndrome.  It’s part of their effort to make Barbies more inclusive.  They’ve also got them with hearing aids, wheelchairs, and prosthetic legs now.  (Here’s a photo of the new one.)

2.  A couple in Florida named Vic and Marge Gerard just celebrated their 80th anniversary.  She’s 98, and he’s 101.  They got married on April 25th, 1943.  They say the secret is to be honest with each other, and “take care of each other.”

3.  A three-year-old with autism wandered onto a set of train tracks in New York this month, but the crew of an oncoming train saved him.  They stopped it in time, and it’s all on video.  His mom was looking for him, and was VERY emotional when she showed up.  Five MTA workers just got commendations for it.

4.  A podcaster in Pittsburgh named Rob Oliver now holds the record for longest interview marathon.  He talked to 137 people in 37 hours and 44 minutes.

An accident in 1993 left him paralyzed.  And two years ago, he launched a podcast called “Perspectives on Healthcare” about the healthcare system.  So the record attempt was also to raise awareness for that.