Good News: Lost Rings, Amateur Astronomers, and First Hugs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in Wisconsin just got his wedding ring back 14 years after he lost it in a lake.  Someone found it last month, and posted a photo on Facebook.  They gave it back after he told them the engraving was the name of his wedding song, “It’s Your Love”.  (We’re pretty sure he means the Tim McGraw song.)

2.  An 82-year-old in New York set his telescope up in the middle of a street in Brooklyn last week, just so random hipsters could take a look at Saturn.  There’s a video with around 30 people lined up.  So yeah, space is still cool.  (One angry New Yorker did reportedly yell, “Get out of the [effing] road.”)

3.  A 42-year-old guy in Virginia named Jimmy Thyden was adopted as a kid, and found out a few months ago that he was part of an illegal adoption scheme.  He was born in Chile . . . taken from a hospital . . . and eventually adopted out to a couple in the U.S. who had no idea.

Thankfully, he’s had a good life.  He’s a former Marine who’s now a lawyer with two kids of his own.  But as soon as he found out what happened, he wanted to track down his birth mom in Chile.  And he succeeded.

He just went there this month to meet her.  Until recently, she didn’t even know he was alive.  The hospital told her he died right after he was born.

The video of their first hug is pretty moving.  He showed up in a full suit with a bouquet of flowers.  He told a reporter the adoption scheme robbed them of 42 years’ worth of hugs.  But he wanted to make sure it wasn’t 43.