Good News: Lemonade Stands, Baloney Sandwiches, and MrBeast

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  YouTuber MrBeast is in the news again.  This time, he built 100 homes and gave them away to impoverished people in Jamaica, El Salvador, and Argentina.  He said he hopes to eventually do 1,000.  (Here’s the video.)

2.  A nine-year-old girl in Pittsburgh named Ivy Larson had to say goodbye to her cat Steve last month when he passed away at 16.  And she wanted to honor his memory in some way.

So she set up a lemonade stand in front of her house, and gave all the money to a cat rescue called Nose 2 Tail.  She raised $150 and plans to do it again on the Fourth of July this week to raise even more.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A guy from Tennessee was scratching off a $20 lottery ticket in a store, and told the clerk that if he hit the jackpot, he’d never eat baloney again.  We’ll see if he’s a man of his word, because it hit for $1 million.