Good News: Leaf Blowers, the World’s Oldest Siblings, and a Choking Raccoon

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A group of guys in Flint, Michigan is in the news after saving a raccoon from choking.  They smacked it on the back until it coughed up a piece of cheese, and the whole thing is on video.  It scurried off and was fine.

No joke, they said they knew it was in trouble because it was making the universal choking sign . . . hands to the neck.  (WARNING:  There’s an F-bomb at :23 in the video.)

2.  How had no one invented this yet?  A group of engineering students at Johns Hopkins came up with a silencer for leaf blowers that makes them 37% less loud.  They’ve already signed a deal with Black & Decker and expect them to be available to buy within two years.  (Here’s a video.)

3.  Six sisters from Missouri are now joint record holders for having the “highest combined age of six living siblings.”  The youngest is 88, and the oldest is 101.  Their combined age is 571 years old.