Good News: Kittens, Heart Attacks, and a Santa DNA Update

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Earlier this week, we heard about a 10-year-old girl in Rhode Island, who asked the cops to DNA test a half-eaten Oreo to prove that Santa is real.  Now there’s an update:  The results are in, but they’re inconclusive.

No exact matches to the DNA were in their system.  But there was a partial match linked to a, quote, “1947 case centered around 34th Street in New York City.”  They also found possible reindeer DNA on the half-eaten carrots.

2.  A Delta flight attendant kept a passenger calm when he found out she was deathly afraid of flying.  A photo of him sitting in the aisle and holding her hand is making the rounds.  The person who posted it said he explained every sound and bump to her during their flight from Charlotte to New York.  (Here’s the photo.)

3.  An Arby’s employee in Montana did CPR and saved a customer’s life.  It sounds like a heart attack, but we’re not sure.  (If you work at an Arby’s, you should be required to know how to handle a heart attack.)

4.  A Chiefs season ticket holder found a seven-week-old kitten in the stadium during their playoff game against the Jaguars on Saturday.  She picked her coat up from under her seat, and there it was.

She happens to work at a vet’s office, so she’s finding it a permanent home.  For now, it’s named “Sandy Reid” after Andy Reid, the Chiefs’ head coach.  (The Chiefs won that game 27 to 20, and play the Bengals this Sunday.)