Good News: Free Workouts, Great Neighbors, and Lottery Wins

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A four-year-old kid with autism jumped in a lake in Michigan while his grandma was babysitting last month.  Accidental drownings are the top cause of death for autistic kids.  But he’s okay after a neighbor jumped in and saved him.

A Ring camera got it on video.  Her name is Jessica Bauer, and she has a three-year-old herself.  She joked that she definitely didn’t have time to think, because she doesn’t swim well.  She only doggy paddles.

2.  Planet Fitness had a promo this summer to get kids moving, where high schoolers could come work out for free.  They just released their final numbers, and it was a big hit.  Between May 15th and August 31st, over three million kids signed up.

3.  Two big lottery wins were in the news this week:  A guy in Virginia was cleaning out his truck, and found a Powerball ticket from June worth $100,000.

And a woman in Australia bought her husband a lottery ticket for Father’s Day, which they celebrate on the first Sunday in September.  It ended up hitting for $2.5 MILLION.  (About $1.6 million U.S.)

She actually knew before he did, and hadn’t even given him the ticket yet.  She heard a winning ticket was sold at the place she bought hers.  So she checked the numbers, and wait until he got home from work to tell him.