Good News: Football Dads, Lost Wallets, and Hope for the Future

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of hate from football fans, but some DADS are loving it.  “The New York Post” just did a big story on how a lot of dads are connecting with their young daughters more, because the girls actually want to watch games with them now.

2.  A woman in Canada just got her mom’s wallet back 40 years after it was lost.  Some guy was doing work at a storage unit and found it in the air ducts.  It still had everything in it, including the daughter’s birth certificate.

3.  I know the future seems bleak sometimes.  But a new poll found 82% of Americans are hopeful about their future . . . 85% are hopeful about the future of their family . . . and 74% are hopeful about their community.  (Only 56% said the same about the future of America though.)