Good News: Firefighters, Trespassers, and a Whole Lot of Urine

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 143-year-old church caught fire near Philadelphia on Monday and could have been a total loss.  But when it happened, nearly every member of a fire department a mile away happened to be at the station for a weekly meeting.  So they got there in less than three minutes and saved the church.

2.  The Glastonbury music festival is this week.  It’s like England’s Coachella.  And it’s a little greener this year . . . because they’re collecting everyone’s urine(???)  They partnered with a company to turn it into eco-friendly fertilizer.

3.  A guy in Toronto posted a video after two white-haired ladies were walking by, and stopped to sit down in some chairs he has out front.  They didn’t even ask first.  So he responded . . . by bringing them a cup of tea and telling them to stay as long as they wanted.  (Here’s the video.)